Watch the house factory

Ask This Old House home technology expert Ross Trethewey learns about automated home construction. Click here to SUBSCRIBE to the official This Old House YouTube channel: Resources: Ross toured the workshop that is shared by Bensonwood ( and Unity Homes (

watch Brunswick house Time Lapse - 5 days 

Watch a Unity home in Maine go up in a week. This is how we put it all together. Fabricating the components off-site allows us to assemble the home on-site quickly and precisely.

Somethings of Interest

  • Local, High Performance, Fresh Air Healthy, Solar Homes ARE affordable

  • Homes are tight, quiet, solid, built to last 100’s of years

  • Landicity builds new homes to the highest IRC code feasible, IRC 2015+ (0.7 ACH 50 blower test; 4 inch hole in wall)

    • Most Maine builders do not blower test AND they build to old 2009 IRC standards (~=3 ft. hole in wall)

  • Heatig Fuel up 14% 2018/2019

  • CMP Electric up 14$ 2018/2019

  • $630/year Energy Cost Increase ~ $4,500 average use/year

  • Landicity Unity Homes sip energy, $10’s of dollars per month

  • Save $100’s of dollars per month; $1,000’s per year

  • Your should REQUIRE your builder to build to 2015 IRC AND specify the blower test be +/- 1 ach50.