Landicity® Builders is a Maine-based company specializing in affordable, fresh air healthy, low/no VOC, high and ultra-efficient homes. We have multiple options and locations available, and our proven infrastructure ensures quality, efficiency, and trusted experience.


We can help you be in a new high performance, fresh air healthy home by summer 2019. We can help you build a beautiful home on your own lot. We can help you locate land and then build the home of your dreams.

Maine uses IRC 2009 building standards; 9 years old & behind the latest technology changes. Maine is just now beginning to trasnsition to 2015; but blower testing is except and remains as 2009 standards.
Landicity Builders builds to the most current IRC 2015 standards and improvements. 2019 IRC standards are beginning to be implemented in many other states.

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Bob Muller
Phone: 207-956-0699