Landicity® Builders


Specializing (exclusively) in building proven high performance homes which are fresh air healthy, high energy savings, solar, and highly engineered houses that blower test extremely well.

We have property available in several locations in Brunswick and Topsham, Maine in addition to our exclusive 17 lot high performance subdivision neighborhood with a "Sense of Place". If you have your own special spot, we can build there too. 

Pick your lot, then pick a model which maximizes the feature of the lot.
Or, pick your home model, then find a lot which is compatible with your model.

Most builders in the Mid-Coast area will tell you they build to the latest, most current building codes. They do; Maine uses the older IRC 2009 building codes and is only now, in 2019 implementing the latest IRC 2015 standards. These builders are 6-9 years behind the technology and a lot has changed since 2009. Most do not blower test their homes. We do.

We build to the most current IRC 2015 standards with continual upgrades and improvements. New 2019 IRC standards are being used in many states.

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Bob Muller
Phone: 207-956-0699